Look How This Incident Was Handled

Just look at how this crime is being handled? How many signs do you need to know this is a gross act of terrorism, at home? Yes, people are terrorized, shocked and angered. Wouldn't you be? All of which happened before a people standing pat, protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions. None of the big boys wants to deal with this, let the state handle it. Let anybody other that who really need to handle it handle it. We just spent millions of dollars singing This land is your land and... Now, what do we do? Who's land really is this? That is where the terrorism factor comes in. It is easier to hunt and shoot a person in Iraq, Pakistan or so, than it is to shoot a terrorist of our own. Looking for terrorist abroad, we don't even have to look for them at home.

Who cares where this family was or what they were doing, when their home was sst on fire, as long as it was legal. Either way, it is a very serious act of terrorism, a hate crime, and should be treated accordingly. The questions are, Who and was it a self inflicted or caused by some outside terrorist or terrorist organization? Domestic Terrorism plain and simple and I encourage each of you to speak up the same.

Somebody has to stand up and say, No more violence, Stop the violence. You are destoying yourselves no matter what part of the world you live. Not only yourself, but the lives of your family, friends and love ones. Don't you love yourself? Then show it by respecting others.

Say that to anyone destroying themselves.

The Global War on Terrorism

A threat to this family, is a threat to us all.

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