Art on ignorance

It happens to us all, so what do you do when ignorance prevails?

I have a few friends who love to show me how ignorant I am. Not too sure whether that is good or bad, but I do my best to live and learn. If you show me how to put the bricks together, I will put them together and move on. They want to fix everything for you, but when it comes to them? Show them how to put the bricks together and they will forever tell you about they were just venting, I really did not want you to fix the problem, complain about not having enough time and the saga goes on. So where does that leave you?

Ignorance is a breeding ground for negative behavior and energy. They can teach you, but you cannot teach them?

Anyway, here comes a wakeup call. People think they can do what they want and many justify that because “they feel they are the only ones responsible”? Is that ignorance or what?

They say you cannot learn well on an empty stomach, but I can assure you that you will work a lot harder. They can tell you all about applied knowledge, but when you look around, you wonder, what happened? Why did not you apply that to yourself?

The world is plagued by ignorance. Today, we are so intellectually, we do not know wtf is going on. Really, how do you provide for your family? Would you turn your children against their dad? Would you build an economy, knowing it is going to fail? When do you stop hiring the wrong people for the job?

Ignorance is the act of failing to act responsibly. People are overwhelm with information they have no earthly idea about what to do. That is ignorance in the purest form, then when you fail to recognize it and keep on talking about things you have no intention of acting on, then you are wasting your time and energy.

Negative energy is a direct result of ignorance. If you ignore a problem, it is not going away. Why do you think it was revealed in the first place. But people are so overwhelmed with negative information; they feel justified in wasting your time to get it off their chest. Why not send it to the ground; would not you and I be better served? Really, what can I in America do about what’s going on in Siberia? Are they asking for my help? Are my hands not full enough fighting the alligators right around me? Why do we ignore these alligators, to address those alligators?

I am often accused of being too logical, is that ignorant or what?

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Ignorance prevails.

Ignorance an excuse


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