Ignoring the needs of the poor


It has come to me how much money are resources we "throw away" on politics, then we want "poor people" to vote?

Poor people, where is your ROI? Where is your incentive to vote, when you "know" your efforts are against you? Is that the seed for shame and disgrace, trickery and betrayal?

As you watch mass media, seeing your hard earned dollars spent or is that your vote?

Helping the poor why not? Who exactly are the poor? Are things really looking better? Do you understand why not? Can we get to where we need to be without help? Are you the most qualified?

Wealthy people do not want to help the poor or the sick. Just get sick and see? The poor includes the sick and anybody who cannot help themselves.

Today, the wealthy refuse to help the poor because it is NOT PROFITABLE. Poor people are repulsive and stink in the nostrils of the wealthy. Used to look down upon, the poor are judged and condemned based upon their lifestyle choices and living conditions. So, what about the wealthy?

Who controls the resources? Refusing to help those who cannot help themselves, the wealthy have placed profit over prosperity - ROI. They will only help those most likely, though it prospers “us” not.

Is that why everyone has a chip on their shoulders - shame, disgrace, trickery and betrayal? Why do you ignore my needs? What’s up with our systems? Are they serving the needs of our people or are we serving our own selfish needs?

It’s a sad state of affairs when you ignore my needs, the needs of the poor; in doing so, you ignore your own.

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