The Light and dark side of life


Is it like our people, shall the two never meet? How do you know on which side are you?

What are the determining factors?

Life has two sides, a light and a dark side, but there is only “one way in and out”.

Do we really get along? It bends your tongue backwards to call us people. For what are all our preparations? Is if for this life or the next? Are you safer and securer, is your privacy being invaded? Will you let your society down?

Your home, is it your final destination? Is it sacred? What’s allowed and what’s forbidden, do you really know good economics? If inspected today, what items would we find? Your education, lavish homes, fancy cars and appliances, do we really need them? Show, for what are they really? Do they really validate you? Do you know darkness from light?

When will you turn back to practicality, reasoning and logic? Poverty, do they really help the poor and the sick? Who else is there to help? How much does it cost?

If you think about why you’re here and what you are actually doing, along with the fact you will die; it will drive you crazy. Except to you, your life and reasons for living mean absolutely nothing. You’ll become the most dangerous and demented people on earth and just who and where are they – eternal darkness?

Have you really discovered the LIGHT? Fear means showing signs of weakness, Depression and aggression, are you afraid of being in the dark? Are you surviving or digging in deeper? What do you feel, does it hurt? Are we here to terrorize each other? There is only one way to leave this planet.

This thing we’re living for life, how can you expect a people to survive? Where is your little piece of Heaven? What do people really want? Where is FREEDOM, PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY? Where do healthy people live? We’re all here temporarily, will we ever see the light?

We're all human, if you find yourself in the wrong direction, you'll have to turn around to get out?

(((your inner


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