Imagination Power

The power of the imagination

I wonder if we can agree on that? You know a lot of people question their inner voice. Even though it is right there in front of them, as live as it can be, they just question themselves and go off and do something stupid. Then, they wonder why are these terrible things happening to them. How many people have the freedom to do what they know they are suppose to do? Don't confuse that with having to do what somebody else is telling you.

You know if you did not give some people a job, they would not know what to do? Go figure.

Anyhow, imagination power is awesome. I know it works, but I must learn to practice it more.

A lady offered me a free trip to Hawaii, I would not take it because I had no money and the woman thang. A woman offered me a free trip to Africa, I would not take it because of no money and the woman thang. Now, I am just thinking, those were things I really wanted to do and may never have the power to do on my own and look what I did. My imagination just got the best of me. I let the fearing the worse kill all those wonderful possibilities. It has happen so many times and I always look at it as, WHAT WILL OTHERS THINK? Well, not any longer. I am going to let God work with me,,,from now on.

There is never going to be a perfect road or situation, well you will not be able to see it anyway. I can imagine new opportunities coming my way, but this time, I will be better prepared. I am nolonger scared. What’s the difference, staying here in Milledgeville, no money and people who do not wish to go anywhere or join those who invite me. I will just be honest up front. Couch potatoes, what will they think?

Do you know how many times people go somewhere and just want a little company. No, I want to be my own boss, but I do not have the wherewithal to do anything. Go figure.

Power of the imagination I AM READY.

Through my mind I can see every possibility. I AM inspired to imagine the world in new ways. By using my imagination, I discover a world where meaningful lessons were shared.

I use the power of my imagination purposefully and prayerfully, discovering the power of imagining the best rather than fearing the worst.

My imagination is my spiritual sense that enables me to see the beginning and the end. I am empowered and inspired by the vision in my mind. I see the world in new and more meaningful ways. Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.

I love it!

Imagination and sbi?

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