Independent People

Becoming More Independent

I heard one man the other day say, If we become any closer together we are going to kill each other. What does that mean?

As in independent man or independent woman, What does independent mean to you?

Independent to me is I pay my own cost to be my own boss..(smile) Boss and cost? I am my own boss and I pay the cost to be or do own my own, is that what you are saying?

As business people, many of us have the dream of becoming successful business people. We do all the hard work to get our business going and then reality hits home. The pressure is building and you are alone? Now what? You adorn yourself with all the no-nonsense material possessions of life. Not bad, but it depends on why? Are you doing it for you or are you doing it to make yourself appear more successful than you really are? Are you doing it to attract Mr. Right?

The results. Why are you so protective of them? Do they make you or do you make them? Do they make you different? Are they able to help you provide any better service? Are they practical? Are you addicted? What message are you sending?

People watching, I see kids with all that, you call it bling – Ridiculous houses they can’t afford. Moving into strange neighborhoods and trying to live beside a people for which they have no love. Getting into even more ridiculous debt buying gas guzzling comfort automobiles.

Remember to love your neighbor. Are cars considered recreational or utility vehicles? Do you know what I mean? Moving from one dysfunctional family to another. It’s like we are all trying to move into dreamland. What is there to do in dreamland? All the normal stuff goes out the window and here we are not wanting to be bothered. As soon as your car breaksdown and you can not afford to fix it? You don’t police your area, because if you did, the area from which you moved would be more attractive.

Why do we send our kids off to college? Is money your greatest inspiration? Is it lifestyle? Is it a good paying job? Is it a business to help build a better community? Does your lifestyle give answers, does it leave a trail? Are you able to infuence others. Do you really care? Who blazed the trail for you?

Independent, paying the cost to be your own boss! I can do nothing on my own.

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