The Promise Land and

and a cup of jOE, what is JOE?

So you will know. Polluting the earth is catastrophic, even disrespecting it? It is just that simple.

Understand that, why and you will make it to the Promise Land. It's always better when we build together.

Did we make it to the Promised Land yet? How much further? Do you know the way? Have you been distracted? Are we a little behind schedule? Healthy Choices?

If you want to live better and relieve stress? Why would anybody be talking about a Promised Land? Is there such a thing, where?

Hunger determines your dedication, stop looking and you’ll starve. The higher you climb, the tougher it gets, but if you keep climbing – finally SUCCESS.

The most experienced leads the way, if you want to increase your chances of making it. Otherwise, you might not believe such a thing. While during the journey you will be tested and the Promise Land remains a head.

The seasons will not be put off. Are we getting what best for us, are we sharing. Those who had less, did more than we are with more? Something is wrong with that picture? Who told them which direction, are you going to recreate the wheel or will you pick and keep it going?

Why did you get a computer? Why do you pay for internet? Why do you join social networks? Do you know how to network on your own?

Wisdom on which you can depend, how do you get that? Are there several ways? From where comes WISDOM?

KEEP YOURSELF out of bad situations and there won’t be none. Can you stand the temptation or do you fall for it? Now, you know.

Why is communication so important?In what form comes our test of survival?

For those of us who continue, there will be rewards ahead. Is there enough to go around – Help create and maintain The Promise Land. I’m going to keep it going till I get there, so You will know.

So why haven't you made it? Healthy choices, there is a bounty of good food. How do we get this Promised Land? Or face the onslaught you know is coming.

It's not here or yours because someone promised, but because "it was promised for us all to share and there is well more than enough, unless you say your God did not know what he was doing. He left you out"

All you got to do is read, not to believe, but for UNDERSTANDING. HE spoke to me and promised me on oath, saying, ‘To your offspring I will give this land’. Not you but to your children, your descendants. Native Americans say the same.

Respect this land, where ever you are. Why would you use it for something which is not intended?

Sowing and REaping, to walk upon.

What's your investment, why should you? Because you have children here. No one who treats the land with contempt (disgrace; shame) will ever see The Promise Land. You will be guilty and die. Well, if you don't treat your God with contempt, why would you treat yourself?

The Promise Land is our incentive to live. It's all here, all we have to do is share it. From where does it ALL come? From where comes every single little thing you need? The EARTH.

(((your inner

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