Insanity OF THE sane WORLD

Open your eyes and ears by shutting your mouth.

But I am not supposed to know a damn thing...

Why is everything based upon color, then we say it's not. You can take a dumb ass light skinned person and put them in the role of greatest responsibility, but take a hard working dark skinned person and make them feel guilty, for your own inadequacies.

wingshooting with my dogs, reading Harold M. Harvey… People who say what they mean, and mean what they say, where the hell are they? I'm talking about the ones, other than the ones who want to kill, steal and destroy everything in life?

It all happens at your inner, your LIFE EXPERIENCE headquarters FOR THE Insanity OF THE sane WORLD. What an amazing feat. Do you think you could handle all these crazy motherfuckers, especially those who do not know and disclaim not to be crazy nor mutherfuckers? Literally, this is a fucked up world and it all because we screwed it up and deny it. I don’t care how you view your life, the minute you think you know is the minute it knocks you in the ass.

So what about our leaders, are they too in denial? Are they immuned/immunity? From this page, you can click on any website and all you will see is motherfuckers trying to find themselves. This is not insulting language, but this is true and it is just that bad, even worse.

Just try entering into any single website and see their capabilities to get that job done, and then return here for your next "to do."

Everything you do from here on in relates to your domain, (If you want to access one of your other domains, click on the Switch Button link in the upper right hand corner.) Click on the question marks for explanation about the switch button. I don’t give-a-shit how smart or sophisticated they are, the more sophisticated the more apt you are to lose. And to bring that point home, try any dating site, how easy is it to find a match, but they sell you on how easy it is,,, when you give all your information.

The problem is we’re too consumed with taking on other people’s problem, while other people are too consumed with finding people on which to dump. How do you dump without being dumped upon? What if you are not strong enough to bear that load? Sorry, we’re going to dump on your ass anyway? We, as a people just don’t give-a-shit, as long as it pays a dollar? We’re eyeball deep into the shit and we fear the consequences of doing what we must in order to get out…go figure. We would rather all perish than stop this stupid ass shit. Do you call that Drinking Poison cool-aid? What about soft drinks?

Don’t get into shit you can’t get out of. You were born into this world, but does not mean you must accept all this bullshit. People talk, but what will they do? Whatcha gon do now there are no jobs, affordable housing, crime..

As I sit here talking about crazy mutherfuckers and justifying my language, people are actually doing more crazy shit to each other, then denying. Why can’t we get along? Why do we intentionally do shit to hurt each other? So what if you can’t pay your fucking mortgage. What happens when we put you out? Is that humane, does the problem go away or is it compounded? What happens when you are kicked out of school? What happens when an immigrant worker, can’t speak the language, never been to school, can’t read or write…, takes your job? Are you a crazy motherfucker?

Why won’t we stop lying? Is it the more sophisticated we become, the more ineffective and inefficient? We know shit is not getting better, but worse; yet we’re in a serious state of denial. So have a fancy title like Dr., Esquire, PHD… behind your name, what does that mean to our quality of life?

To prove that point, I’ve five siblings and none of them will listen to the other. Now, they all want to communicate, but neither listens to the other, what kind of shit is that? And I mean the shit is bad, so bad one or two of them is about to be sent off to prison. I mean so bad until one or two of them is about to be killed. What can I do?

It’s like the cancer you thought was gone and it came back in your lymph nodes, even greater than it was before. So how do you feel after Cutting, Poisoning and Burning failed? Do you just donate what remains to Science? How fucked up is Science? Do they really have a clue or just make you think they do? Are we any better prepared today or is the Food Stamp Program just growing by leaps and bounds on it’s own? Do we really want to face the simple solution of growing your own? Why is that so repulsive? Why would a motherfucker rather work for his or her enemy over growing their own. How will we ever get out of HOCK, with a hockey mentality?

Banks who swear they are the best banks to make you money, when all they do is steal your money. School who swear their educating but hide the fact they are dumbing you down. Churches who swear they are helping you spiritually when they are more corrupt themselves. The wrong leaders in the wrong place, doing what they are not supposed to, when they are not upposed to; but can justify this all to people sworn to serve us. Price soaring off the charts while we sat idly by watching the inflation meter peg in the RED. Collections, taxes, jobs…Corporate greed is now the only means of survival… Now, do you understand why you are as CRAZY AS HELL? Where do you go for help?

Would you go anywhere without your weapon? Is that any different than a spear...Barbaric

My brothers are literally destroying each other right before our very eyes, just as we are. What’s going on down here is just a small indicator of what’s going on up there and we’re in a serious state of denial, “swearing” there’s nothing we can do, but hopes of it going away. Will white folk ever change. As long as they ruin shit will it ever get better. Is it the black man who keeps himself down, is he waiting for any particular moment? How can you help someone who doesn’t want to be helped, as a matter of fact, they have you believing they are helping you, even though they brought you over for the specific purpose of helping them. Is that the way of the world…Crazy Mother Fuckers.

So what does that mean??? They're coming for your healthcare--working families, seniors, people with disabilities and children.

Yet, you call me incompetent, inferior..If you cannot help yourself, why the hell you haul us over here to help you? Why do ?ou want us all to perish with your sorry ass. If we are all going to perish, then what’s the use in going through all this phony bullshit?

Listen to your own self and take appropriate action before it's too late. Be responsible.

(((your inner

Beautiful People

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