Inspiration, on the wings of a dove.

Arousal to activity or creativity.

That's Inspiration!!!

Without it, there is hardly cause to draw the next breath. We must continue to inspire one another and seek even more creative means to discover the good in us and life, living in harmony with nature. The greatest things of life can not be built nor bought.

Inspiration to help uplift spirits, respect, be happy and have fun.

Maximizing our abilities to See, Hear, Smell, Feel, Taste, Sense, Think, Talk and Move, for they are most essential learning tools. Everything introduced to us, must pass these tests. They make us the unique individuals we are and determine our capacity to get along in life. Living Life more abundantly.

The greatest gift of all is "being Loved", I pray there is one word written here to inspire us in love and all that we do.

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Hi, I am Josephine Brantley and sometimes it takes a while, but I have learned a few things, and when I remember to use them, they make life better.

Over the years, we do begin to figure things out, and getting a few "free lessons" sure makes life easier! He will do the rest.

I asked the Lord to bless you, As I prayed today. To guide you and protect you As you go along your way...His love is always with you, His promises are true And when we give Him all our cares...You know He will see us through. So when the road you're traveling, Seems difficult at best, Just remember I'm here praying And GOD WILL DO THE REST. Amen

R.I.P Mrs. Brantley, 27 MAY 2012

A few Life Lessons Made A Difference For Me.

Lesson One



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