Intellectuals and Great Minds

Where are you in the state of GA? That tells you how far behind I am,,,,where do all the sound minds hangout?

Art here on state of GA intellectuals

Do you really standout for a worthwhile cause?

I know being America is the great super power that she is, there are many really smart people spread all about? I know in the state of Georgia, not be confused with Russia's Georgia, this state is full of very intellectually talented people.

The proof is in how well we as citizens of the state of Georgia perform academically and physically. Even though I am not one of you, it gives me great pleasure that you allow me to live in this great state. I figure some of it had to rub off.

Now, back to what all the super smart, highly intelligent folks are doing for the state of Georgia? Are housing, health care, food, fuel prices any better here than anywhere else? Crime any lower?

What would be the greatest incentive for new people to move to the state of Georgia? Are there more jobs? Can a person make a living for themselves any better in the state of Georgia, than anywhere else?

Are people in the state of Georgia any more credible than people in any other state? You do know Georgia is one of the thirteen original colonies?

Are people in the state of Georgia any more together than people in any other state? Are we one for all and all for one or did we fall out after the civil war? We might have lost the war but cannot we make up for it? In all the important areas for any state, does the state of Georgia excel in any of them?

I hear you saying, people from the state of Georgia are no less than people in any other state. However, I would like to bring our statiscal data to your attention.

Should people from the state of Georgia be any less? Should we be better? Do we consider ourselves more productive and service oriented than people in any other state?

For what do people, as whole, in the state of Georgia stand? Are even the Peach state any more? Watermelon? Peanuts? Cotton?

I challenge all my fellow citizens in the state of Georgia to be just like we boast about our country. How can we be a number one world power with states slacking like the state of Georgia? Where will we live? What will we eat? Transportation? Health care?

The challenge is upto you STate of Georgia? Now, where do all the intellectually gifted people work and hangout in the state of Georgia? ARe they hiding?

(((your inner

Pulitzer Prize


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