Pulitzer Prize Criteria

Why is my work not recognized?

ARt and any prize?

I do not want to be greedy but I look at works selected for Pulitzer Prizes and I can see my work included.

However, I do not get recognize for any prizes and why is that? Not even for the Afro-American Male can write prize. Now, instead of a stimulus package, would that not inspire more people to write instead of acting out of rage?

We do not recognize nor reward good behavior? The question comes to mind how good must one be to get any kind of Journalizm prize? No matter how grammatically or politically incorrect one may be, if the message is for global peace and prosperity, why not recognize that?

Must one learn to write to the Pulitzer Prize people or do they seek out and recognize noteworthy work? It is all information!

Is it because it is not important, profitable, or desired? Is it too farfetched for one to think is work is Pulitzer Prize worthy? I see the people we send to war torn countries asking for peace and harmony and I see them not as deserving as I, but I take that?

Is it not worth a Pulitzer Prize to work, write and live in peace, prosperity, without being shot at or killed?

Anyhow, I will just keep working and watching all these movies, books and other works identified for a Pulitzer Prizes. May be you will get one for whatever it is you do!

Good behavior is not noticed, praised or rewarded. Or maybe I am just a little too impatient or wishful thinking?

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