Intelligence Briefing

Do you believe in America or in yourself?

Why are we constantly being called upon to do something for someone else to do something for us, we're not willing to do for self?

HOw do you get a people to do what they know they need to do? How do you get them to see, they need less of this formal education, but more informal education?

Though we see today as proof, we find it virtually impossible to switch off "corporate greed". We find it virtually impossible to peacefully resist all the evil temptations of corporate America, whose leading you to hell and poor people is their target audience.

Why do you encourage them to resist? I encourage you to resist for the good of the whole. I encourage you to resist by opening your eyes and listening to yourself. I suggest that when we go back to our roots and work with Mother Nature, we all will be on the same sheet of music, not one lesser or greater than the other - human beings human rights.

I hope you'll do you part to unite America and the world again.

(((your inner

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