Screw Wall Street

When big people beat-up on little people what do you do?

On which street do you live? How does Wall Street remain Wall Street? Are you prudent and responsible?

I look at situations and ask myself, what can I do to help myself? What can I do to bring about more balance between Wall Street and Main Street?

Have you ever been screwed so much until you cannot take it anymore or do you just keep on getting screwed?Is corporate greed killing you? Why does our health care, education, financial… systems need reforming? Why do you hear horror stories from productive citizens needing lifesaving help?

The easy solution would be for Wall Street to stop screwing Main Street, by sharing more? What good does it do Main Street to hoard money, resources, products, services…? How does a man feel good by screwing his fellow man? Is this acceptable, why don’t you screw Wall street? Is that against the laws? Who makes the laws?

Does Wall Street even know they’re screwing Main Street? Not as long as Main Street keeps getting screwed and says nothing.

Does experience count in America anymore? Should it? Why doesn’t it? Is it quality or profits? How does a society survive only on profits? How, why do you teach one thing, yet do another? How do you teach your children to do a good job, when you know it's all about profits and profits equates to taking advantage of your fellow man? Where is the forgiveness? Is that why our jobs are gone? How do you look them in the eye and promise a brighter future? Pathetic or what?

Is courage gender or race specific? Does it have anything to do with position or power? Knowing the difference between good and evil and acting upon it takes courage.

Experience is our best teacher, yet we give precedence to cronyism and corruption – the good old boy network. How long can a society survive by doing that?

Why do we keep telling you to go to school in order to get a better job, knowing there are no jobs? So if you are surviving on a student’s salary, how does that make you a productive citizen? Where is your experience and what’s happening while you’re in school? Your future, what/how do you teach your children? To what end can this come?

Stressed out, depressed as hell, you’ll have feelings of being inadequate, you never can be equal, chaos and confusion, you will be more divided than ever; until you self-destruct in a major disaster.

Is there any consolation in compromising your integrity for a paycheck? Is that the norm these days? Then how can you expect to go where you think you are going? How do you expect our families, communities, that why we're so divided? What good does it do to know these things-hopeless? Hopeless RomanticParanoid disillusions and Economic declineProducts and services which should never been given, and would never have been given when prudent and reasonable people were responsible. If your leaders are always screwing you, what should you do? They’re hindering you instead of helping you, why would you stay with someone like that? So, why do you allow this to happen to you?

(((your inner

Wall Street and Main Street America

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