Invest In Life

Where are you investing and how?

How you invest has a lot to do with the outcome of our future. Many invest in things and treasures upon this earth. They don't invest, they just save for a day, that is not promised. They get satisfied with their level of success and give up. Then what happens?

Here is my heart, here is my life savings. Here is my all and all; and I give it all to you. I give it to you out of poverty.

I am the least of you and I know nothing, people critize me for everything I do. They find it hard to forgive me and push me out, but they expect me to go above and beyond, because they know I will. Fear of failure motivates me. I can figure things out. I can keep going. I believe in my ability to get better.

I invest in life, All that I have, I am willing to give. I thank God for opeining my heart, my mine and showing me, that investing has nothing to do with money. I am going to get paid and I thank God for my daily bread. With all my faults and shortcommings, I know He is watching me, just as he does you.

I thank God for giving me the your inner idea and this too, I share with you. Here it is.

your inner

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