Iron Sharpens Iron

What about the opposite, Why are so many offended by being called "DUMBASSES"?

Do you understand the threat we face to generations of lack of progress?

It's ashame when you act like you know what's going on? Do the ruling class of America give a shit about you? If they didn't care about Native Americans Why do you think they give a shit about you? Now, do you understand why they don't want us to call ourselves dumb asses? What would happen if you realized you were and still are a real DUMB ASS. Yes, I'm talking to you. And the biggest Dumb Asses run this country.

How can a dumb ass ever run anything, they get other dumb asses to run it for them. Why do we assassinate good people and let dumb asses go free?

It is time to tell the truth: There are well more "real DUMB ASSES" in America than we care to admit. The crazy thing about them all is they have made themselves, or was it us, People in Power.

Why would you promote a real dumb ass? The scary thing about that iron sharpens iron thing is that it works both ways and for too too long we have accepted "Dumb Asses Sharpen Dumb Asses".

NOw, you are going to ask me to define Dumb Ass but you already know. Then you are going to reprimand me for calling the majority of the people, especially in America, DUMD ASSES.

A real DUMB ASS is someone, anyone who keeps using a tool that does not work. They are people looking for something for nothing, by BETRAYING you. And historically, that's what the people of this great country has done. NOw, if that ain't a real DUMB ASS, then what is?

They are the people who have "taken" this great country and abused its people, land and resources, yet they call themselves prospering. They have made you believe all their violent behavior was conducted the name of the great pioneers, the founding fathers, Columbus.... And your dumb ass believes all of that.

Well what's the difference when you follow their lead? Even worse you teach (((lie))) to your own children and people causing them to distrust everything for which truth stands. They've taught you a never ending line of Dumb Ass Bullshit and they keep telling another lie to cover for the previous lies and until now, we've gone along with the Bullshit.

You know the earth is not round, nor is it flat,,,then why would anyone want you to believe that bullshit - MIND CONTROL? What difference does the shape of the earth matter to anyone who abuses it the way we do. Where is your divine respect? Why do they want you to think they can save your ass, but you cannot save shit without them?

Now, the majority of the people suffer because our dumb asses does not have the wherewithal to wake the fuck up.

Everything we need, we must go to them and I am sick and tired of the bullshit. Think about it? Does being a dumb ass make any sense? The dumb asses of America has got a hold on us and we cannot figure out a way to stop being a stupid Dumb Ass.

Yes, you will say, Art doesn't know, look at what he writes, but I'm doing everything in my power to stop being a dumb ass and I hope more people join me.

Today, you cannot trust a soul, so what happened to the as Iron sharpens Iron, so does Man sharpen Man?

Exactly, who is it upto to wake your dumb ass up?

(((your inner


Massive injustice

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