Massive injustice???

International bodies, world powers, local governments, and individual households. What fight, where, who, why, Am I a target? A regrettable reality

Do they mean to cause hurt, harm and danger? Do I?

Those kind of questions helps me to determine which path should I take. Where is my enemy, do I even have an enemy, am I the enemy or the friendly? Is there a reason for me to get-up-off my sorry ass and do something before it comes to me?

Into the 21st century, women and girls are still being raped, robbed, killed and enslaved everyday. Now, where is this happening and does this include me, I’m a male?

It’s all being done under the umbrella of being “cultural”. International bodies, world powers, local governments, and individual households accept violence as nothing more than a regrettable reality. They allow rhetoric to substitute for decisive action.

Now, is this me? Is it around me? Does my silence condom these kinds of activities? Do I really know what's going on within my culture? Do I tolerate it?

As a result, people continue to suffer and abusers go thinking nobody knows, cares nor is concerned enough to do anything. They think there’s nothing they can do. How sad?

Not today. I and are asking you to join us, support us and you don’t have like us; but know what you’re doing. Know your options – so please don’t turn away from this opportunity to speak out in support of those whose voices to often go unheard.

There are many ways to do that: View our BLOG, Subscribe, Share this article by clicking on comment below…. Think for yourself.

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