Irreconcilable differences and aging

Invest in people around the world.

Somewhere in America, we have answered some of the world toughest questions. Just imagine the questions answered the world over?

The older we get the wiser we become? Everyday, I learn to stand on His word? Everyday, I can be a light to the world. That is my commitment

When All the help in the world can not fix your problem, you have an irreconcilable difference. Escaping is appears to be the easiest way out, but is it? What can you do to make your situation better. All we have is God.

FEAR is our biggest problem and Money, power, Sex, escalates them. The world needs to know we are not alone, that we do care and are willing to share. Who’s alive, who is dead?

I have the desire to wish us all better. Send out an SOS, write, share, learn and here is the place to start.

your inner voice doing more.

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