It’s Hard!

It's hard to tell the difference between heat and cold?

It’s hard for the mind to tell the difference between HEAT & Ice.

Blind folded, the last thing you hear is a voice saying, "We gon burn yo Ass"! You are trying to sense what's going on, but you can not hear?

The Power of Suggestion (POS)!
The mind! Intense sexual pleasure.

The suggestion of being burned and the immediate application of ice.

Torture, and on you is not a scratch!

Other possible means and methods: Kidnapping, Interrogation! Psychological Warfare!

Possible victims: POWs, Holocaust Survivors (HCS) or Descendants Of Slavery (DOS).

Now, reverse the process (RTP). Let's use this same pos to get us out? Let's say, The Recession? Backwards Planning, so you will be better prepared! To do that, You have to start living right. Replace the bad with something good, something positive, a good challenge.

Remember how you got here: It’s Hard! It really isn't, but it's just that simple.

What are you suggesting to your family, friends and co-workers? Are you positive or negative? Do you even have time?

You build self-esteem with (((POS))). One brick at a time!

your (((innervoice)))

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