Intense sexual pleasure

Is intense sexual pleasure something you desire in your relationship? How do you get it? Does intense sexual pleasure have to do with Erogenous Zones and sensitive spots? Which ones, where?

Sex is a divine experience and intense sexual pleasure is the result of a good healthy sexual relationship. There would be No need for sexual enhancing drugs. By the time you learn that, it is often too late.

Can you buy intense sexual pleasure? You can buy the closest thing to it, but intensive sexual pleasure cannot be bought. Where are the feelings, the feelings are just not the same. It's hard!

Sex can be as common as putting on your shoes, just another chore and that just may be how intense sexual pleasure escapes your relationship, no interest if you aren’t careful... Or sex can be the most intense pleasure you give to your partner. What better way to show how much you love each other, being fruitful and multiplying, growing in love together?

A relationship minus intense sexual pleasure will lead to a tired relationship, break-downs, low self-esteem, confusion, shame, faking, sexual disorder, no passion… If you cannot have healthy sex, you’ll have to make it up some other kind of way. The beauty of it all?

But for those who desire a more intense sexual relationship, here are some tips. The more comfortable and open partners are with each other, the more responsive they are to each other, and the stronger the emotional bond.

Without respect it’s hard to be vulnerable and without vulnerability, it’s hard to be intimate. Therefore, partners who seek intensive sexual pleasure must respect each other.

Being guided by their highest good.

(((your inner

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