J F Boddie High School

J F Boddie High School, Class of 1959

Class of 1959

l-r, f-b (sitting)Gertrude Rozier Lee, Rosa Lee Hooks, *Annie Knox, Betty Halcomb, Bertha Neal Gresham, Annie Bell Freeman, Dorothy Taylor Holsey, Myrtice Gilmore Edwards, *Annie Hill, Frances L. Lattimore, Margaret Millines Simmons, Willie Bell Knox, Doris Taylor Hill...
2nd row (standing) Harritte McCormick Hawkins, Mary Abrams Branch, Mary Davis Jackson, Margaret Liggins Thompson, *Eva Mae Brown, Josephine Hood Griswold, Bernice Arnold Banks, Mary Cody Havior, Delia Woolfork Taylor, Johnnie Mae Evans Speights, Josehine Manson Brantley, *Annie Fozzie Curry, Laura Beckham Parham, Juanita Stubbs Morgan, Lucy White Millines, Mary Collins, Lucinda Hunt Adams, Dorothy Gray Miller, *Mildred Brantley Daniels...
3rd Row (standing)Gloria Jean Butler Plant, William Smith, Heardie Simmons, Robert Hogan, Charles Jarrett, Harold Easley, John Taylor, Walter Lattimore, Wilbert Beckham, Theodore Brantley, Edna James, Irene Derry Thomas (Teacher)...
4th Row*Willie Lee Dixon, Emmitt Simmons, Horrace Humphries, Emmitt Millines, Joe Smith, Jr., William Tolbert, Howard Sanford, Collie Rayford, Napolean McCormick, Melvin Mosley, Marvin Mosley, James West, Bobby Knox, *Dr. Jacob Reeves (Teacher) *=Deceased

Class Motto: "Lifted as we lift"
Class Colors: Pink and Lavender
Class Flower: Pink Carnation
Class Play: Sail At Dawn

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