Julian Franklin (JF) Boddie High School

JF Boddie HS, Milledgeville, GA

Milledgeville, GA

Rattlesnake School Mascot

"The Boddie High Rattlers"

A Few Historical Facts

Providing higher education and serving the Baldwin County and communities from 1957 to 2000. Until 1988, Boddie High School, as it is commonly known, was the first high school in Baldwin County to include the twelfth grade. It was an extension of Carver High School which went to the eleventh grade satisfying academic requirements prior to 1957.

JF Boddie High School was named for Dr. Julian Franklin Boddie, Sr. who distinguished himself by being the only medical doctor serving Baldwin County and surrounding communities. The Boddie family, namely medical doctors' Julian Franklin, Sr., Alonzo Boddie and Pharmacist, Julian Franklin Boddie, Jr; made great contributions in the areas of health and welfare.

As academic requirements changed, requiring twelve years of education to receive a diploma, the graduating class of 1958, under Principal Joseph Graham, was the first graduating class of JF Boddie High School.

JF Boddie High School, Class of 1959

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