Job Benefits Over Health and Happiness

If you do not feel good about your job, then you fall into this category. You are giving up your health and happiness to earn a buck, so you can be like the other buck earners and all the benefits you get can not make up for what you are sacrificing.

People who have chosen job and benefits over their health and happiness, you see them all around, disgruntled and disabled. They have many illnesses and are on many drugs. If they are lucky to reach retirement, they die within five years. They have worked themselves to nothing and for nothing. Life and living has passed them by. Remember, attitude determines altitude.

They do not understand the mentality of people who are passionate about what they do. They tell you passion does not pay the bills. They discourage you from business opportunities and suggest that getting a job is more pratical.

Now you understand why our jobs, just like our businesses, are being outsourced and eagerly handed over to immigrants—our get a job mentality and the job ethics that goes alone. Heck anybody can walk in and take your job.

Businesses, what business? We are hard pressed to support one another, because we are hard pressed to help each other, so we encourage each other to get a job

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