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I was speaking with my neighbor today when, he said, I should get a job, like he sensed I might have thought myself too good to get a job or a job being the only means of survival.

Well, I thought for a good long while on how could I tell this man, in a way that it made sense to both, all what his comment just made welt up in my mind.

In my mine, I am not looking for your average job. I am not working for nothing. I would rather help for free or do without; than to work for someone, who I know, can care less about my well being. I enjoy my life, as is. Certainly, it would be a boost to my ego to have the fringe benefits of job with a steady income and benefits for all the good and wicked stuff that goes along with the average job. I am not against jobs, it is just certain jobs, generally speaking, your average/any job.

My response? Jobs come from people who created them. Can’t we create a job for ourselves? Jobs that provide the necessities for us, food, clothing and shelter, the same as the others have done? The average job, I can not afford too much baggage. I am really not that excited about working in the average job environment. I feel the average job violates human rights. Don’t get me wrong, but there still are a few racial issues in my neighborhood. This coupled with stupidity and the effort to do a good job, makes working conditions unbearable. Is that why most White-Americans do not visit the home or community of most African-Americans and vice-versa? Is that why most African-Americans will not trade with African-Americans? Would you frequent an inhospitable home or business? Families, who work together, stay together.

I can work with you, but I can not work for you. It is a whole different attitude. No matter your position, we are working for the same goal.

Further, for what I know, about a good job, is pretty much unheard of on the average job.

Good jobs are hard to find and now, no longer do I allow my ego to pressure me into accepting your average job, especially, after serving 23 years of military service and working my own business since “92”. In my daily life, I practice good ethics, ethics I expect, but very seldom see in the average work force-- treating people the way you want to be treated. Unfortunately, most people do not think that way. It is not easy, in that, I do not make much money, but my freedom and health makes up for it and in my opinion, that is exactly what I and those before me worked for, FREEDOM and a better LIFE.

My commitment to helping people and being good to them; have grown to a point I do not want to compromise. They brought me thus far, why should I compromise them for any man or job? Is that why most African-Americans, in leadership positions, are harder on African-Americans.

I have worked several average jobs over the past years and all of them, I now wished I had never dawn their doors, just devastating and these were institutions that have been in business for years.

Different jobs attract a different kind of people.

Many far go their health and happiness for any job and the benefits.

They want what they want so bad, that they subject themselves to a life of misery, in order to get it and that is exactly what they get. Almost immediately, their attitudes change, they draw a line between the haves and have nots and they are with the haves. They no longer have time nor the challenge of thinking how to earn a good buck, from day to day.

I have learned that good jobs are like good people, they are hard to find.

The average job

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