John Ross Baldwin County Commissioner 2012

Do Not vote for John Ross if you do not want extraordinary things to happen in your life.

John Ross Baldwin County Commissioner 2012, 2nd District

Don't vote for him and why...

Don't vote for John Ross if you want politics as usual, no experience, someone not willing to work for his district. If you do not want extraordinary things to happen in your life, then do not vote for John Ross.

John Ross for County Commissioner, I've known John all his life and he has always had a speicial place in his heart for his community and is accustomed to working, like hell, for whatever causes he takes on.

School, selling cookies, candy or whatever it was back then, early seventies; John sold more than his share. Dealing with low to NO income families, John carried himself in such a manner they were willing to give and in doing so, together they exceeded the standards, by selling more items than anyone else - Entrepreneur, Smart Working and Determine to help himself and others.

Higher education, coming out of Body Projects, during the early seventies, certainly this was one of John's earliest and greatest challenges. He had every excuse in the world not to attend college or any institution of higher learning. Again, before you knew it, John defied the odds, by successfully applying, being accepted and receiving his Bachelor's Degree from one of the most prestigous univerisities in the state of Georgia - Georgia State University.

Inaddition to receiving his degree, John worked as a Postal employee, went to Real Estate school and received his Real Estate liciense. Before you knew it, John was buying and selling properties in the state of Georgia. He was instrumental in helping low to now income people receive affordable housing. What I am saying? John Ross had every excuse to hang around and do absolutely nothing with his life and certainly nothing out of the ordinary.

After that, everything John did was extraordinary, Family Man, Entrepreneur, Real Estate, Mortgages and he worked with the Mayor of Savannah, Georgia, Senator from Atlanta Georgia, Clark Atlanta University...

John Ross, for Baldwin County Commissioner, just as he has fought for himself, he will "fight" for your rights. John will listen to your issues and put his "drive and determination" to work for you, along with his more than thirty years of Community and Political Experience.

John Ross is an Extraordinaire. He is an Outstanding and Remarkable person in his own right. He will appreciate whatever encouragement and help you can give.

I know, I am his older brother. (((your inner endorses and presents to you John Ross, the Extraordinaire for Baldwin County Commissioner, District 2

(((your inner

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