Restoring Faith in Mankind

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Do you doubt one person can change the world, does Individual action really matter?

So how bad are we or are we just that good? How far off the beaten path are we? Does anyone really know or care? Is it every man for himself? Can we survive without an all-out collective effort? Are you in denial?

Restoring faith in our community and economy? We must understand our communities and economy is not what we desire nor where we want them. Then ask ourselves why and take appropriate action to correct those errors. We must own and take responsibility for what is and is not happening in our communities. We must care! We must work in such a fashion as to help others achieve a better quality of life. We must remove self and put community first.

First you must restore faith in yourself. We must understand that restoring faith in self restores faith in family, community and economy. People must be good to each other to inspire similar actions. We must admit we did a lot of bad things and also lost much of the faith we had. Stable families provide the bond to a stable society, which benefits all mankind.

She spoke of heaven and angelic hosts; She spoke of God and The Holy Ghost, Christ's teachings and brotherhood, but when it came time to sit down beside a Negro, she stood. - A Hypocrite, by Ruth A Cook, Books of Comtemporary.

Restoring faith brings diverse, international voices to the world, reminding us people are good and individual action matters most. One person can change the world, a person at a time and that is the only way it has ever been and can be? How fast and easy that is depends on you?

Most folk doubt individual action alone is the key, therefore they give up hope, accept things as they are and do nothing.

Changing the way people view themselves and others. Over 200,000 people in 164 countries want all of this! Don't YOU?

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