Challenge our Government to Yes or NO by October 22, 2011


Yes or No to what, to give you what you need to help yourself? I am.

Are you too afraid to ask for your own freedom?

You read all kind of self help horror stories, grants, small business loans; many things to help you get started in our society, but are they as easy as this?

Will you challenge yourself to help someone else help you?

As Creator of the Humble Farm Refuge Petition and idea, if I do not push it, who else will? And I tell you, it’s all an up hill climb!

I'm the person people come to when they want to know what's going on with HFR and right now, all the planning leads to a simple "yes" or "no." Yes, you can sign. No, you can't sign. And other than your time and signature, this cost you absolutely nothing.

Every member of this campaign thinks it’s a great idea, but none of it matters, if you do not sign. What you do right now can help me do more for you.

We have a critical petition campaign deadline coming up soon, on October 22, 2011, to garner 5,000 signatures to get a White House review and response! I need YOUR SIGNATURE NOW, not tomorrowjoin me here

Please review and sign today, HFR is for me.

Our team has an incredibly detailed plan for a ground game to turn our economy around, in all 50 states. This effort would lay the plans to open other HFR across the country. The campaign has plans to be the biggest grassroots movement this country has ever seen. The scale we're talking about is unparalleled, and any time someone uses the word "unparalleled," that means it's not easy or free, so help me, ask the government for help, this is FREE. I need YOU NOW, not tomorrow join me here

There is lots of work ahead, but the journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step. Help me make the first step.

What we do before midnight on October 22, 2011 determines our future and sets in motion the results of what we can do for ourselves. Sign HFR, It's that simple.

Help me say yes to what we need to put our plans in motion Sign HFR

Is it worth it to have your own freedom? Sign HFR To me, it's worth it.

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