Keeping your mouth shut

Exactly what is it your trying to do? Two ears and only one mouse???

How easy or hard is it to be honest with yourself, why? Can you ask for a lawyer?

This is Art and thank you for joining the cause. Is that what I’m saying when I join a conference call? Right or wrong, who does it affect? So why would you treat yourself wrong? Why would any man take advantage of another? Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut proving them wrong, than open your mouth and prove they are right.

Revenge is dangerous and comes with a heavy price. Do you know how quick we are to fight. Why, is it learned or is it our nature? Can you walk away from these crackers and emerge the victor? What about the reverse? What about racial and ethnic slurs, can we take them lightly? Are they any different than domestic violence and abuse, child abuse, women abuse…?

Whether you stay with your abuser or not, only you can decide, because no ... NEVER, I repeat, NEVER try to do what he/she does to you to show them they are wrong… It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. The problem e ain't there’s too many fools, but the lightning ain't distributed equally.

Get your facts first, then you can deal with the problem as you please. Think and exist. So where do you get your facts, especially when you do not have access to pertinent information- loans, cars, house, food…? How can you ever tell them when you create nothing and the nothing you create is used against you?

Do you believe we are trained to take advantage of each other rather than work together? How do you combat that? Is there anything to say what was done? Then how do you get started?

What are the facts about me? You are what you create.

Duplicate or repeat problems, are they really a problem and do we just accept them? Are the products and services we’re currently receiving up to par? Is there anything you can do about them? Is there anything you can mass produce? How do you get mass production?

What about our relationships, how do we maintain balance? Is it all about you or the whole? Is it a "as long as I get mine..."?

Must we together labor and how do we do that, what first? Is that more important than doing for self? Underlying agendas, do they really matter - the traps and tricks of life?

Whether it's a friend that has taken our affections to heart, or falling for ... Letting them down gently and respectively is the best way to do this, it will ... Hence proving to you they weren't worth your time anyway.

Why two ears and one mouth? Which is more important?


What is your job?

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