Your job, My job

Do you know how many people really fail at doing their job?

Now, do you understand why unemployment is so high. Yes, the unemployment rate is in direct porportion to the peoples ability to do their jobs. Do you understand that?

Now, ask your stupid ass self, what is your job and why aren't you doing it?

If you don't get the right answer then ask your smart self. Does it make any difference? Why waste your time and mine? Why not tell the people what or people what they need to know. Why not teach them? How often do you use algebra and know it? What about English or good English? Do you speak Spanish or Indian? Do you get along with any of them?

How is their sentence structure? That person tickles me!!! What about the sentence structure of all the red neck ass crackers? Are they "for real"? Do "uncle toms" still exist? What about Ain'tyaMama?

I want my flowers while I am living.... Yo job is my job and my job is your job,,,now, do your job.

What kind of information are you passing, is it drug related, shooting, killing, war, sex,,,same sex marriage is sex. So, I ask the question: Who should you marry? Shold you tell anyone? Should anyone tell you? Who do we tell?

What does "I ain't mad at ya" mean? You know.

(((your inner

A scholar/gentlemen

It's in the WAter

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