Kicking a Dead Horse

How many times do you have to kick a horse to find out if it is dead?

Lifting them up!

What I learned is that things were about to change for the good or get violent. You'll really have walk a tight-rope here.

My first thought is violence, fear and here's why.

How can you tell if your past is having a negative effect on your today? Would you kick a horse, then get mad when it didn’t respond the way you thought?

Would you keep kicking until you got what you wanted - beware? Many of us just fly off the handle at the push of a button. Chances are all of the logical approaches to changing such out of control reactions have failed. You'll need to repeatedly kick them to work out something new, but be too rough and they'll kick back, which could include kicking you off. You can tell if you're about to be forcefully removed, which means you had better get ready. Commonsense.

How do I get a hold of you? Inspired by my lucky find I began to seek out better ways of learning and teaching. If you are in the lead, it's your responsibility to tell the others when you're stopping.

The controls are a bit different here and do take some time to figure out. Where is will you get this tried and true, Grand Mother advice? Keep lifting them up Grand Mother. Love you too.

(((your inner

What in the hell is wrong with My psyche?

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