My Psyche

Is it about Grand Entrances, Beautiful Places and Spaces, is this one?

Then, where are they? Why are we so slow? Why is there always another reason "why not"? ONe gets out, two hundred more fall in?

How can it be when you don't know? Are you a liar? You know we want to be healed, but do we actually believe and are we willing? Can you have an excuse? How long to play catch-up when you know the short-cut? Why all the doubt, skepticism, peeping?

I’m going deep for this. Do you know how you can want something so bad, you can taste it? What is that? How does it know and why are you being compelled to do this something positive that sets you aside from everyone else? A unique selling point, lol.

It’s not that the task is so complicated; it’s all the stuff you got to go through to get where you need to be - damn. Anybody can play an instrument, draw a picture, perform an operation, but just try to get paid for it? Try making a living at your passions and learn all you must go through to move yourself from accomplished to Professional.

The scariest thing about all of this is, many have died trying.

Look at all the unsung heroes, young and old, many of which were more talented than the professionals we reward today? You had your little career and you focused it all on helping your family. You got paid to help others – think about that? Were you really helping others or were you doing what you thought you had to do to get what you wanted? There is a big difference between competing and helping.

There is one line, but two sides. Now, you understand why certain communities do not prosper. We put job before self and even still the jobs are gone. Do our communities suffer because we suffer? Would you have more human rights had you not given in? Did you really need money to be treated equal? Now, look at what you've got to do to get it and still don't have it?

You put things in your life and you must go through them, but remember life also put things in your life. That plus, the people by whom you surround yourself, you'll have to go through them. I’m dealing with an idiot right now I wished I had never seen. And now it is your turn.

Today, I am about to meet one of the greatest challenges of my life? Without giving all the details, it has to do with helping a fellow human being get to where they need to go. Already, “All details” have been worked out and we are already started. Isn’t that’s amazing? Miracles happen in “blinks of the eye” and if you ain’t paying close attention, you will miss them, just as we've done many times before.

You go around 5, 10, 15+ years carrying all this shit and one day something happens to make you realize, I have been cut short and I am not prepared. It is not supposed to be like this.

Finally, in a last effort desperate attempt, you reach out one last time, because you know “the timing is right” to let it all go before it takes you down. What a relief? You have lived a great successful life and never thought this day would need to come again. You’ve been holding on, working smart, searching everywhere, building barriers, helping others and just when you thought you were about to go down for the last time, instead you got the opportunity to live “YOUR” Promised Years.

You don’t need to know their names, but you do need to know what they want to do, in order to help them. You get helped by helping others. Isn’t that how you helped?

What next? Now, you ain’t quite out of the woods yet, but you are well on your way. With a firm grip at the top of the barrel they are reaching back, thousands of miles back, to help someone else? That’s powerful. Will you grab hold? Now, what is your excuse?

(((your inner

Does all this psyche stuff work? Is it faith? Is it Spirituality? Do you need inspiration? Can you will what you are supposed to have? Is this your "prayer" for our success? Do you really obey your inner voice?

I'm entitled to "my own opinion"?

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