Kingsters by Kingster

What does age have to do with it, gender, religion...

Kinky or not here I come. Do you ever just want to get down right sexy, or kinky until you get release and relief? How do you get there? Is it going too far and why? Is it something you discuss or hide? With whom do you talk?

We taLK A Lot of shit about God and all what God will do for us, but what will we do for our own asses? Are we so inhibited as to keep our sexual expressions to ourselves? Is that because of what we are taught or what we feel? Who is the greater pervert?

Is that why our romance...TGIF and I really want to get freaky, so what holding me up? I want it to be the sexiest spiritual experience you ever had. Do you know about those in America? Do you know a little of their history?

From where do you think all the freaky sexy stuff came? Who wrote the books? Summoned the servants? Is was and still is our Kings and Queens?

You know we spend so much time trying to be holy and sexy at the same time, it trips us up, throws us off balance and we fall flat on our faces, both of them. How does it look when an American wears a long dress? Is that why we quickly moved to the mini skirt? Aren’t we meant to be sexy and sexually appealing to each other? Is that why the spirit of our relationships fizzle out so quickly?

Since my flesh has been revealed, life has been nothing less than a bitch. The higher I think I am, the more shit I surround myself. We’re are so goody-two-shoe we make our own selves sick.

In my pursuit of art, creativity and spirit I discovered a beautiful 'Divinity' in nature, therefore, I work to embody that 'Divine Beauty'.

It’s all natural and includes the spirit of those I allow to embrace me with their creative expressions.

There is no secular anything, everything is sacred. I’m a student of creative writing and design in the faces and styles of the nameless, all of whom I’ve met along the way. I am a life-long student of the spirit in Mother Nature, longer that than I’ve ever been a Christian.

There’s no need to seek understanding, all I must do is listen to my life, God and the people I serve. From them I seek to be enlightened, the same enlightment they seek in me. . I expand upon my spiritual practices depending on knowledge gained from my ancestors, the Most High, exploring indigenous spiritual practices of different regions of the world. Not so I can deny or convert them, but so I can better connect with them.

My writings are a result of those universal vibrations of spirit and song to help better propel us about this planet and universe, through Spirit, Inspiration and life. I raise the vibration of my world, planet and universe. For Kingsters by Kingster

(((your inner

Why does reading the Bible scare the hell...

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