Scare the hell out of you

What is the most popular way to scare the hell out of yourself?

So many thoughts come to mind, one of which is why would anyone want to scare the hell out of themselves? Is it possible?

Do you remember how we used to rebel against going to church? Church used to be one of hardest places to go to and we only went once a month or so. Not even everyone had a Bible.

Today, we've made church most attractive to saints and sinners, it's open daily but locked for security purposes--go figure.

What about Rattlesnake worshippers..Spiritual exercises, initiations, tests... Why do we think scaring the hell out of someone makes them better, more qualified? Why do we eat so much chicken? What are the characteristics of a chicken? Is there really any connection between Preachers and fried chicken?

Does it have anything to do with deceit and deception and our desire to take advantage of one another? Is that we enjoy leading by FEAR and INTIMIDATION?

Why would a people, who really never read a book, was denied the book, steal the book and use it against the creator of that very same book?

I swear upon a stack of Bibles! Though the Bible is call to be the most read book and to be a book of the most popular religious faith, the Bible is the least followed.

The scariest part about that all is, You are teaching your children to do the same.

Reading the Bible scares the hell out of you. Is it we need something to hold on to?

(((your inner

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