Know what love is

"Will you just shut-up! Get off the pity party!"

Seriously discuss your 'important points" early on and/or before they get out of control. Communications, keep the doors open.

You got to know what love is. Too often we want life to be a cake-walk, which it has never been and probably will never be. We too often disguise the truth about marriages -- Respect. Please do not take yourself too serious, but always be alert. You cannot tolerate "stupid shit", life is just too short.

Does not matter which gender, married or single, culture; relationships are hard work and a day-to-day walk. Much like going to the grocery store, you must check the cashier, check the quality of your purchases and count your change every time. This helps to keep the clerks and the system honest.

You must do things to keep a spark in your relationships, but it has to be reciprocated.

Some relationship are going to fail, I do not care what, but it is better to fail peacefully than to stay together in violence and abuse. Never put all your eggs in one basket and agree to disagree.

Girls grow up to be women!

How long does it take you to learn, I have learned. Be true to yourself!

(((your inner


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