Kwame Nkrumah



The Golden Stool of Ghana

Known as Africa's political light of the twentieth century, Kwame Nkrumah rose to power in March 1957 in Ghana, once known as The Gold Coast and the political heartbeat of the African world, never accepting the notion, foreigners had the right to rule over them.

That's my thing: Many Western educated Africans do not believe Africa has anything to offer for its' own salvation. Why has Africans sold out to their enemies? Africans don't rule Africa, foreigners do, just like here in America. Documents Expose U.S. Role in Nkrumah Overthrow

Coup d'état or coups are just as prevalent here in America as they are in Africa. Why are we not the Prince of peace? And the way we're going, we will never find peace and never be able to help each other. Flaws of Blacks and Africans.

They still have not taken into consideration Africa built a number of civilizations lasting over a 1000 years without even one jail, not even a word in the vocabulary meaning jail and no orphanages because no one discarded children. No old folks homes because no one dicarded them. A society is measured by its ability to take care of the very young and the very old and the US fails miserably at that, unless you want to call poorly managed social systems...

The British wanted to seize control of the hinterland and thought they could break the spirit of the Asante people by seizing the Golden Stool, the equivalent to the Ark of the Covenant to Africans of Ghana.

The last of these wars was led by a woman, named Ya Asantewa, then Queen Mother of the Asante people. She was defeated by a group consisting mainly of West Indians from Jamaica and sent into exile.

The politics of African exile and coups are still a great African weakness and mystery.

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