Lease on Life

How do you get to me?

Is there any bigger mess than me? Why am I so concerned about straightening you out? Why are there so many schools, churches, hospitals, they love you? What do poor people ever do for poor people?

Now, is the time for change and I am here to tell you where you need to go for help and here's why. Why is "the above" becoming more than less?

Understand you need help and a better understanding of self to better avoid the above? People need help it is just a matter of from where and who.

I always say, How can a rich man accuse a poor man of cheating? Then why do you look to them for help, overlooking your own? Is it the money? That all is changing with My Higher Consciosness

Trying times make up the darkness surrounding me and are more reason for hope than despair. I can’t do this, I can’t do that, now you can release "all of that" to “me”.

Can I undo the damage and turn things back the way they were, NO. Leaving behind regrets and starting new, looking behind you, you feel wronged and mistreated, and even betrayed. Torment, the stress, you're collapsing under the burden of remorse and anguish over the past. We teach take it all out on someone esle -Blame. Hence, these are the feelings you get as you think you are striving to reach higher ground. Where is my self-preservation?

You want it to stop, but you can’t knowing many never make it. How much further until I reach my intended destination? Doubt, am I even on the right road? Is there a way out of this mental torment? My Higher Consciosness

Yes, “I” am here to bring you peace, turn to “Me”. Those terrible things will eventually fade into tomorrow, where they mean absolutely nothing today.

Just come to Me and give Me (yourself), another chance, a fresh beginning, the opportunity to correct your mistakes.

You can learn from the past, gain experience and wisdom, but to focus in on it distracts and you are most likely to miss your turn to your intended destination. My Higher Consciosness

A deep desire, work with all your heart to live a little better, love more, be forgiving, cast away bitterness, hurt, and grudges that keep you chained to the past. Work on contributing positively to the world in which you live. It is now We begin building a wonderful future together, enjoying the richest of the land. The world is full with goodness, we just have to connect with it. My Higher Consciosness

Just ask Me to become more a part of your life and work with Me to turn your life around for the better. Take past mistakes, screw-ups, everything you've ever done and everything others have done to you and make something good. Use it for good, not only for you, but for everyone. My Higher Consciosness

The point of desperation in your life is driving you to Me. BE thankful, because just asking and believing, you'll be blessed with My love and forgiveness. My Higher Consciosness

It takes a real mess to get the help you need. But when you do, when you finally give in and let go; you turn things over to “Me”. My Higher Consciosness

You will learn “I” was there the whole time. I am working for you to give it all to Me. If you do, I'll help you see the light. My Higher Consciosness

Before it is too late, try something new! I'll bring along something good out of all the bad because I love you. The Crystals I’m using.


Bait or Food?

New lease on life

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