Bait or food

Do you know bait when you see it? How do you respond? Is it against the law to respond?

Why do we advertise food so, yet people are still starving?

Preying upon your own kind. Is this a “conspiracy theory” or is this TRUTH… Would you take the food if you knew it was baited? Would you or could you chance it,,,why.... How do fishermen catch fish?

What’s the difference and how does “Bait and Food” apply to the human scenario? Why are we so easily trapped? Are you already hooked, line and sinker?

It’s like we are too eager to be trapped? Like there are “no hooks” in the food we eat or consume and then survivors either don’t sound the alarm or further encourage you to take the bait. Do our laws help to disguise hooks?

What happens to a fish after taking the bait? Are we fighting for our lives or is it “making the ultimate sacrifice”? Is it just another day on the job? Is the act of being hooked acceptable in you book?

food, fodder, to put animals to pasture, hunt with dogs… Cheese may be placed on a trap as bait, but other food are commonly used. Spirits and the best live entertainment. Non-toxic baits are intended to attract to a trap those who are shy and avoid new things. They will avoid traps unless there is something very interesting in the trap.

Toxic baits are intended to kill. Chemical baits are available as multiple-feeding or, single-feeding, anticoagulants or non-anticoagulants to take food back home so you can safely eat and be accessible to children and pets. It is common to hoard bait so most survive the baiting process.

Why would one human want to bait another human being? Is it because consumers enjoy being baited? Is it a viable marketing strategy? Do humans really enjoy getting the Hook?

Fishing, all fish try to avoid the hook once they discover they have been hooked. Smarter fish learn from those who they have seen and/or managed to escape.

Life is full of hooks, traps and snares, intentionally setup to capture or kill unsuspecting people – you, your family and friends. These hooks and snares come in every form and fashion to which they already know you are attracted. Because we do not say anything, we go missing without question or investigation. We are preyed upon at will and act as an endless supply fulfilling the needs of those who prey upon their own.

Would one people prey upon another? Why? Why are you so unsuspecting, unconcerned? Why don’t you exposed these baits, traps and snares, for the safety and security of self and all concerned. Though we witness it happening on a daily basis, we act as we are powerless.

Food is what you need to sustain your life and everybody knows that. So that would be the most logical place to place a hook if you wanted to capture another human being without bringing attention to yourself and your crime.

So if you want to avoid the hook or being hooked, then you best not take the bait. There’s no guarantee that you will be able to survive. “Know” where to eat to make sure the food does not contain a hook.

What’s the difference? Conspiracy theory or not, some people want to feed you in order to trap you, others want to feed you so you can grow strong to carry on work and life as we know it. Which do you prefer? Sickness and death are big business for the status quo

Warnings Why are you encouraged not to drink the "drinking water" directly from you faucet? Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swalloed; get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. Where is this warning most commonly found and to which age group is it most detrimental? Why do you feed this to your kids? Why do you even take a chance? Why do you ignore these warnings, yet complain like hell about smoking, drinking and drugs? Check the warning on your toothpaste.

Is there any logic in the fact that "big fish prey on little fish"? Is it because cannibalism is easier?

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