Leveling the Playing Field

What we do may not be so bad as how we deny it? Why must we fight for human rights?

In 2011, people didn't just voice their opinions, they took action to change the world.

Not too long ago I wrote about how we as people, not human beings, keep the playing field off balance.

Instead working together to accomplish our needs, those that have are working together to compensated for what they have stolen, bottled forsale and turned around to profit from us.

Even though at first it seems fair, but how far can it go, before reaching that people who cannot afford to pay? I’m talking about things in which human beings are entitled – water, food, clothing, shelter, transportation. Every human being should have the right to travel unharmed, to eat wherever food is abundant and so on.

Is this too much to ask? Is it not what we are supposed to be doing for our families and each other? Now, do you understand how selfishness sets in?

Nature has a way of leveling the playing field. You can control your life, but you cannot control your nature.

It might not be wrong for same sex relationships, but it’s wrong to deny who you really are?You can practice being gay all you want, but it does not change the fact of what gender you truly are. You can fight it all you want, but the situation remains the same and sooner or later, you must pay, as if we don’t already pay enough.

Playing by the Same Rules


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