Life is a timed maze or timed bomb?

Life is a timed maze. When you are born your parents and those around you will place you at the entrance of this timed maze.

Certainly, some will give you an advantage over others, but if not deemed by nature it will be more a curse than a blessing.

The maze in life consists of a labyrinth of events and places, including predator and prey. Keys are thrown about to help us better navigate our way – food, water, shelter, senses, resources.

As if that was not enough we have also created and installed our own signals and signs to help. What for 12 years at a school crossing, government, holidays, crime and what is for sale? And on top of all that the maze includes thousands of years of work created by our ancestors.

These are all plus and minus factors you can put to work for you, ignore, or even fight against. You can join the party and be carried on an adventure the ones who went before you only dreamt of, yet they laid the path for you. Or you can bemoan your lot and learn little or nothing while living on handouts from those who can. Or slightly better take a job working the system called average until you complete the maze and are put in your box without a smile on your face.

In our maze, we are still paying the price for being backward. Nobody ever finds their way through without help, most never even find their way through.

The greater problem is, you don’t know. The real question is will you ever know before it is too late. Will you ever learn and will you do? What time is it?

(((your inner


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