Life threatening Economy

What would happen if someone broke in and stole your groceries?

Garden thieves are life threatening and further deteriorating an already seriously declining economy, which is life threatening.

What are the signs and how do you know? Because it’s not happening in your garden does not mean, it’s not headed your way. Major cities, Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, are experiencing and reporting “garden thefts and vandalism” across America. Some believe these criminal activities are the work of organized teams. The sad part about it all is they destroy the whole garden during the process, leaving gardeners in tears and feelings of hopelessness.

As the American economy sours, food prices continue to rise, and more people find themselves out of work, it is becoming increasingly difficult to put food on the table.And these thieves are further helping deteriorating the economy, where families were depending on their gardens for daily sustenance and that is what’s making this situation more serious and life threatening.

The easy solution is, Why don’t they “grow their own”? Gardening is not like diamonds, cars or so, anybody can start a garden and in doing so, this would help build the economy instead of tearing it down.

Watching or reading this news can is dramatic, however, when we think it doesn't directly affect us, we feel it doesn't apply to us. If thieves have turned to stealing vegetables from the garden, just what does that mean?

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