It is What it ain't


How is that? Virginia told me she can't keep, understand what I write?

Virginia further said, she felt my anger. And when people reading run into a shit, damn or word like that, they'll stop. That she can't figure out a way to comment.

Well, most of my writing is for silent thought, what good is a comment, when what's need is action.

My response was, "it is high time we stop sugar coating things and the we can understand".

First, we, Yes you, don't understand shit anyway. Well, if you did wouldn't we live in a much better world. When people read my website, they come away with a feeling that is real. Because if you really understand what's going on today, you cannot help but, "get mad" especially if the shit is happening to you.

By the time I reach the old folks home, I hope things will have changed for the better. I working on that. I hope we'll have more love and respect for our elders. I do you and that is why I am going to tell you like it is every time.

To do that, you do not need to be a rich and famous person, that's most of our problems. Why do we just listen to people we consider to be elite? Why not learn from the bottom and the top? All this sugar coating has got us in the position of not being able to understand and as soon as we get a little bit of understanding, then we change the shit, go figure. Every person, 21 years or older ought to know a little about how to work on a car. Not from school but from association. However, we change the damn things so fast, now nobody knows anything.

Even worse, we can explain the logic behind, even though our economy says otherwise. What kind of liars are we.

So, Virginia Livers that's why you do not understand what I write: It is what it ain't.

They say it is what it is, but I say, "It is what it ain't". Just try it and see.

(((your inner

The more I do, the worse it gets.

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