Life Lessons Ted Haggard

  1. The evil you do takes a negative toll on your life, no matter how good you are. You can live miserable by continuing to rebel against yourself or you can conform to standards higher than yourself by being, open and honest with yourself. To fool others, you must first fool yourself.

  2. If and when you start to have selfish thoughts or tendencies towards deviant behavior, Seek professional help immediately. Do not just think on yourself, think on all those around, you will hurt and how they will suffer over the long run, especially; if you are in a leadership position—Pastor, Parent…. Is it really worth it for a few cheap quick thrills to cheat on the people you commit to love? What kind of love is that? Obviously he has not read this article: Husbands Who Cheat On Their Wives

  3. Do not be stupid? The higher up/powerful you are the more counseling you need. What do you think counselors and other professionals are for? No money, talk to a candid friend. If you can not discuss it, then you know you ought not be doing it.

  4. If this outstanding young gentlemen, one of America's most charismatic and powerful evangelical leaders, with all this good ethical and moral training, all his religious accolades, distinguished admirers and followers can miss the boat, what does that say for regular folk, especially those in leadership positions? If it is happening in this kind of church don’t you think it is happening in our justice system and police departments? If our leaders can not confess, how can they expect us subordinates to confess? Double standards and we live the life of a lie.

  5. We all are human and sin, then thinking no one knows or will find you out, means you are misleading yourself. If you think you got away the first time, you are apt to think you have gotten away or can get a way again. Why have a thing called confession, if nobody is going to openly use it? How will learning take place? We can see you do wrong, but we can not see you confess? Keeping secrets! Private confession, but keep doing the same old stuff is fruitless.

  6. Private confession will lead you and others to believe you are living a perfect life.

  7. If you were man enough to do it, then you should be man enough to openly confess! Now, had Mr. Haggard openly confessed his strong deviant thoughts and tendencies before he took action, this scandal would not be?

  8. Add your own.

    Our goal is to save lives through preventive maintenance. Not to create a perfect world, but a world where people can feel free enough to discuss and address their serious concerns, free enough to disagree and agree to help, to save as many desiring souls as possible and to discourage crimes before they are committed. We, as a people, are failing in our duties when we can only get your attention after the commission of a sin.

That brings me to subject

Law and sin

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