Law and Sin

Law and sin, in order to obey the law you can not sin. Here is another, God’s law is well more important than man’s law. Just ask a slave. However, only you can Change Your Situation. Only God can change you. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

I want to use this platform to expose another desperate truth. If our people who are hired to protect and serve, IAW, man’s law, then before; they must know God’s law. While obeying God’s law will keep you leaps and bounds above man’s law. Again, no perfect world, but a much safer and secure world. The problem is, we have gotten away from God’s law and replaced it with man’s law. Do you realize, without God’s law, there could be no man’s law? Literally speaking, if you do not believe in a power greater than yourself, you are a serious danger to yourself and others. You are capable of doing just about anything harmful to yourself and others! That is why our crime rate is so high. People fail to believe and let believe. Law and Sin.

Alone the same lines as Brother Haggard are our cops/police/crime fighters, our system of justice. On my blog, I have seriously challenged the ethical and moral mental health and well being of our crime fighters. My experience with the Macon SWAT team for they are the ones, with which I had my enlightening experience. An experience that has proven to me, these guys are out of control. And if they do not police themselves, they are going to encounter a very rude awakening very soon. You think the economy is bad, just wait. Much more penalizing than what they could ever put any person through. It is my goal to let them know, so they can not say nobody attempted to help them. See, when you see yourself as the law, you can not see yourself violating your law. That’s how so many lawmakers fall victim to the laws they help create and enforce. Further, violating man’s law is too profitable for those paid so little to enforce it.

Here is another for you. Today, a spokes person for task forces in and around the Bibb County areas, further confirmed their commitment to fighting crime by saying the following: "We are going to continue fighting crime, no matter who is involved". Remember, I am out to expose the truth. That is, our crime fighters are mentally incompetent on ethical and moral issues and decisions. Do to the subjective nature of their abilities to make good sound ethical and moral decisions for all concerned, they choose to hide behind the letter of man’s law.

    For brevity sakes, I am not going to be mealy mouth with this subject, I know you understand my point.

  1. Our justice system is corrupt. If the system is corrupt then, I know the people who help enforce it are corrupt.

  2. Members of our justice system and the people it serves do not have the courage to confess and step forward, therefore; nothing is being done. Innocent people are being taken advantage of and crime is being encouraged versus discouraged. Because of rank, power goes unchallenged. No checks and balances. What is the measure of a good man?

  3. Our cops operate using fear and intimidation over correction and education, which makes them appear to be even more confused, stupid and weak. Without a gun, they are nothing? How realistic is zero tolerance? What is the margin of error? What is realistic thinking? Try to reason with a cop?

  4. Due to lack of proper leadership, guidance, self-confidence and people skills, our cops are easily threatened. They can be very low-down, nasty and dirty, no matter how good you try to be. For a crime fighter, look like running into a person trying their best to be nice would be a welcome. It is like they are not human, behind the badge. Just question a cop?

  5. Education, probably their last priority, our cops are taught to be bad rather than good. What about ethics and morals? The mental abilities to resolve conflicts? If a criminal drives 150mph, why would the cop need to drive 160mph? Endangering the lives of others, the faster you chase, the faster… Use of deadly force? Twice, I have narrowly escaped serious injury when I encountered a cop in hot high speed pursuit, a very frieghtening experience, three of four cars driving out of control. It has gotten to the point of movie making. Why not take advantage of technology?

  6. Poor media. Mass media glorify irresponsible cop conduct. That makes cops compete even more for bad media coverage. Cops use the media to help justify their worth to society, when they ought to be listening to the people they serve. You need the people, the people do not necessarily need you.

  7. Why do cops need to hide in order to catch violators or criminals? What are speed traps? What are undercover cops, sting operations? When was the last time a good cop stopped you? Do less people speed?

  8. More innovation to discourage crime. Radars and cameras are less bias and can go a long ways.

  9. You can add your own comments?

Possible Solutions

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