Lions, the pride's primary hunters?

Female lions are the pride's primary hunters. I do not agree and here is why.

What does that mean? How does that happen? Does that mean male lions hunt any less than females? Does it mean females are doing males a favor? Does it mean female lions are more aggressive than male lions? Does it mean that male lions are not as skilled in hunting as females? Does it mean that a male lion, leader of the pride, hunts any less? Does that indicate that a male lion is going to pass up any opportunity to make a kill, leaving it to the females?

Male lions must eat just as much or more than females. With fierce competition, if for any reason a lion doesn't carry his/her fair share of the load diminishes the survivability of that pride. If anything, male lions are the primary hunters and protectors of the pride, but because the number of female lions are greater than the number of male lions, it only stands to reason that the chances of female lions making a kill, during hunting, are significantly increased.

Lions are opportunistic feeders and very territorial, especially males and the less risk the better. Are the females any more opportunistic than males? The bigger the lion, the bigger the prey it can take down. So because females are smaller, they are limited to what they can take down. Further, it takes more females to down larger prey.

The fact that female lions out number males, decreases the chances of male lions making more kills during a hunt. The male lion taking over a pride has to be strong and effective; and the females respect that. There is increased safety and security inside the pride and a weak pride leader is not likely to last very long. Those were my observations, while visiting lions in Africa.

Who is the primary hunter in a human family?

Celebrated throughout history for courage and strength, the lion. Do you have the courage and strength to make your point?

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