Ugly, the worst

Is about to hit

There are those things that enhance beauty, but be aware of those things that hide ugliness? Not everyone who claims to teach the truth really does.

Have you ever been out with someone "butt ugly". What about insecurities, theirs and yours?

Why ugly and why do I have these conversations with myself? I want to know truths. I want to be able to recognize what is good for me and what is bad for me. When I recognize evildoers, I want to be able to properly address them.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so where is ugly? Though we talk about beauty more than we do about ugliness, are we a more beautiful people or are we using beauty as a cover-up to get what we want?

Is beauty a strength and ugly a weakness, says Who? We have beauty contests, but no ugly contests, why not? Would it be better to address our strengths or to address our weaknesses? Why do we use the pretty side to sell an ugly product or service? Do we really want to address the ugliness in us? Ugly is not just about physical beauty, that's only a smart part of the whole person concept! Ugly has to do with the ability to repel or attract. How are we doing in that category? Are we becoming more attractive or more repulsive? What about buying elections? The race card? Jobs? Inflation?

What is ugly? - disfigured, twisting the truth and tearing down anyone and anything in our way, with lies, smears, and worse. The worst is about to hit. Is ugly our seniors, poor, rich, race cards, politics, government? Ugly is subjected to the most stringent regulations. We do not want ugly to get out. Ugly are those things we are trying to hide in ourselves, but exploit in others. Ugly is described as being offensive to our six senses. Ugly works from the inside out. Ugly is an enemy disguised as a friend. Ugly is our perception of beauty?

How does ugly makes you feel? People are shunned for moral or social reasons. How do you feel when you make a high dollar purchase only to learn you have purchased a "lemon". A wolf dressed in sheep's clothing is detrimental to your health and well-being, inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Cover-up? Who are our American sisters and brothers? Who are our enemies? You can tell when someone does not like a part of their bodies, they try to disguise or cover it, just like lepers. A convicted child molester is treated as a leper wherever he goes. You can tell when someone is trying to sell you, they only show the side that our society accepts as beauty. They only cover-up to destroy once they are among you.

How to Make-up? Plainly, I never knew you and please stay away from me! A man who lies, he is a liar, no matter how often he says he isn't. A man can say he is a Christian, but if he doesn't act like a Christian, then you know.

Fighting back like I know how. All that's missing is your help in meet my goals. I know I can count on you to help me.

Join me. It is absolutely free to Join me. and only takes a minute to sign up... Join me!

What is our six sense?. (((your inner

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