Live a life you will love

How do we get ourselves in such hurtful or painful situations?

We keep letting shit go and/or blaming others? Sometimes, I think people get together just so they can blame someone for their own shortcomings. They enter into nice happy relationships and before sunset, they are blaming the other for their own shortcomings. What happened? Did you meet a dud? Did you just let things go?

I could not go to school because my ma was sick? I could not take care home because I was working too much? I could not do this because I was doing that? I could not get sex because my husband… I could not get a woman because there are no women good enough?

Then they talk about how their children are not responsible. How their co-workers are not responsible, how their friends are not responsible? Everybody is responsible accept you.

Who is really responsible for living the life you love? Take on your responsibility and just maybe that will be an indicator for those around you to do the same.

You would have been the greatest of all time...had only you followed your dream and become one.

(((your inner

Is it illegal to be logical?

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