Live or Die

Is a life or death decision, HIGH Hopes?

Sometimes I question my work. I ask myself, exactly what are doing Art? Just what do you want to happen? Just who do you think you are?

I look around my communities and I see people suffering unnecessarily, due to a lack of knowledge, including me. So why don't you do all you can to expose the truth and encourage sharing?

Why do our educated lie about the functionality of their education? The same job they perform with college degrees, their predecessors created and performed much better without. How does your education help climb the corporate ladder? Is it pay as you go? It ain't what you know, but who you blow. And you wonder why so many of us fall to the wayside and to criminal activity.

Now, there's plenty of sharing going on, but it's actually encouraging people to death. Why attend school for twelve years, what can you do with "a piece of paper"? Does it really increase your chances of getting a job? How can it when our jobs are disappearing? Why are jobs disappearing? Did we abuse them to death?

Is education all HYPE? Is our system of education functional? If it is not functional then what is it doing? How long can a society attend a formal institution? How long can a society last by training its people to do nothing? What's going lacking while you're attending an institution of higher learning?

I appreciate education just as much as the next, if it is working. I think on all the poor people thinking only if I could get more education to get that dream job, that promotion? Is that a reality or myth? Do you know how much money it cost to go to school, not to mention time and effort and what are you promised afterwards? NOw, compare that to what you actually get? Why do you pay for nothing-a lick and a promise?

Why would someone tell you in order "for you to go heaven or lead a good wholesome life, you need to read this booK"? What does that do for those of us who don't for whatever reasons? Just what did people do before your good book? Did they all go to hell? Do you really think God gives a shit or flying fuck about how many pages you read? Thou should not steal, kill, destroy and that is exactly what you are doing? Then why not tell the truth?

Passion and Talent, what happened to them? Why don't we help those with a passion and talent, further develop them, rather confusing the shit out of them with a degree? Does Hollywood give a shit about which degree you have? What about the people in your town, do they give a shit about your education, as much as they do your social standing? Then why do so many people need to leave their hometown for a better job? Why aren't our communities functional?

How do you feel after working on a job for a number of years and they bring "a newbie" in over you, and the only explanation is their degree, no matter the field? Even though they do not know the job, how is their degree helping? Please don't tell me nothing about aptitude. There goes morale! What does that say about you and your potental?

People are not as dumb as we would like to think and all this underhanded bullshit has caused us to lose, not only respect for each other, but our jobs. The more education we get, the worse our communities get. Does that make any kind of sense to you? What's the problem? Disorder and in disorder there cannot be peace.

You know life is already stressful enough, why do we add insult to injury? Why are the costs of a formal education so expensive and rising? Do you know how many good smart working young people, potential students, SPIRITS are killed because of all they must to do to attend a school, when it's actually going to do them "no good"? When they finish, all they are going to hear or get is another excuse from your lying ass? This conduct threatens the lives of ALL.

We of all people, who worked and survived hundred of years without money, why do we teach "you need money in order to survive"? Conditioned to think, You need money to live in the land of "the wicked".

High hopes and expectations you will accomplish things they never have, when we are intentionally putting you on the wrong road home? We are actually putting "our own" further in the hole before they ever get started. That's enough to piss you off. When will we stop promoting "wicked land", killing people and start telling the truth, so people can live?

Teach with zeal and empower them to perform Powerful works.

(((your inner

Christians exposed?

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