Living on Nothing?

Or would it be better said, How does it feel living on pins and needles?

Sometimes things happen and you don’t know why. Why am I the black-sheep? Why did this happen to me? People say where ever there is a will there is a way, but today, a good friend of mine was beat to within inches of his life. Do you believe two adults would stand by while one beat a senior to within inches of his life? His life is still in serious danger? Living on nothing?

On top of all that, they lied about the whole thing to family members. What kind of friend or family member would commit such a horrendous crime? Could you or would you stand by and watch? So far, a $300,000 hospital bill, who is going to pay, living on nothing?

Medical related issues from living on nothing? Funky Social behaviors from living on nothing? You say, it is a choice, that nobody has to live like that, that people can do better,,,then my question to you is, “What is going on with our economy?” Living on Nothing!

Some say, just worry about yourself, but what does that prosper you when you have nothing? You hear the news and you watch tv and it all sounds like a foreign language? You are wondering if these people live in the same world as you? A 17 year military veteran and a 54 year veteran of life, all for zero?

Everything is upside down, is it just your world? Campaign ads and the cost for airing them, are they living in the same world as you? How does that help you put food on your table? Just where do you go for help? Crime, is this how it all starts? Is this how it is meant to be? Why even have an army?

Is this your future? Am I "po mouthing" or is this true? Either way you want to go, but 40,000 minus 40,000 is zero.

Why cannot you get a job? How can you get a job living on zero? Well, if a job can do it, why is our economy zero, and zero minus zero?

Living in hell?

(((your inner


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