Looking More Beautiful How Much Time

Are you that offensive to you?

Other than being clean, How much time do you spend trying to make yourself look even more attractive?

Do you feel a sense of responsibility “to yourself”? Is it for yourself? Is your sense of responsibility to yourself, greater than your sense of responsibility to others? Do you find yourself checking and exploring your own beauty more than once a day? What is the constant grooming all about? Are you constantly preparing for your own photo shoot or tv appearance? Is that what got us off track? A cat's body is covered in hair.

So what other kind of good ideas have you come up with lately? Did we stink before deoderant? Then why the deoderant? Day care for your children and Senior Citizens. Are they an in home responsibility or are they best served by well known people outside your home? Whose responsibilities are they and Who would be best suited and served to do that job?

The question today is, To where has the world gone, who is responsible and how did it get that way? How does all that grooming serve you better? Is anybody supposed to stay at home? Does a pair of eagles leave their child care responsibilities to another eagle?

How do you really look and smell? Is the real you that offensive to you? It takes a village to raise families but what does that have to do with responsibilities? Just depends on which way are you going? One way cost more money, less reliable and the other requires you to figure out the best way to be you. You say there is nothing you can do about it, then why keep looking in the mirror? And we just keep going on and on, looking more beautiful and spending more time in vain. What is a vain person?

A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

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