Your Value to Society and Self

Help in the name of suffering - duty, honor, country?

You will not know what you never knew? What matters most? Where are the darkest corners of the earth? Whatever you give, give in the name of suffering.

What is your value to society and self?

How do you measure your contribution? Is it based upon how much money and power you have? What about the Hitler’s’ of the world? What about poverty and oppression? Things are looking kind of dim are they not?

Poverty, if those people were worth anything they would not be in poverty?

Oppression, if those people were worth anything then they would not be oppressed?

I get your point, but what does that say about you? Does a people suffer because they enjoy it? Where is the promise fulfilled? What does FEAR and GREED cause you to do? With whom do you partner along life's journey? Just exactly how far or wide do your family values extend? How big is your family? Are you just working for you? Are you just concerned about your family? What does our system of education teach? Why? Are there issues with higher education? Where is the ?

Today, one man compared the value of one man to the next based upon the size of company? He was implying that the man with the big company was better than the man who had no company suggesting it was because one man had false hopes.

Now, that I think back he did the same with his children. He used the success of others to inspire and encourage his children. What did that cause his children to think of him? Because you have a dollar in your pocket and material wealth, does that make you a better man? Because you have a degree, does that make you any better? Does any of that give you the right and authority to put down others? Are our promotions based solely on education?

Are you about the work of connecting what matters most? How do we know what matters most? How can we all agree, at the same time about what matters most? Is it about connecting your educational experiences with experiences at home? Is your home an exceptional learning environment that extends beyond your doors/borders?

What about your prevention work? Does your work serve to ensure people do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or any other irrelevant non-bona fide qualification? What about safety and security?

Are these the most important aspects or principles for determining self worth? You decide!

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