Lye ON You

Watch what you do because it's going to come back to you.

Is this insane or what: What would you do if someone, anyone set you a-fire by throwing gasoline on you? Not only you, but your family?

We always talking about what we gon do, What if you child lye on you?

What do you mean, Art?

While you and your wife were sleeping, your only adult child, threw lye on you and your wife?

So you can better understand, while ya’ll were sleeping, he threw lye/potash all over your monkey ass, including your wife. This is your or ya’lls only adult child.

You survived and after ya’ll came from the doctor or at any time between, what would you do? Could ya?

    I’m just thinking, what comes to my mind? You know you should always be prepared.

  1. Try to kill’em?

  2. Try to understand?

  3. Consult with DFCS?

  4. Forgive him?

  5. Reason and logic?

    Is lye worse than HOT GRITS OR cutting off your penis? Things, like this happen when you least expect? Have you thought about it? How much drama will it create?

What precautionary measures would you implement to protect you and your family, after the doctor dismissed you all? Disfigured and going through therapy, Would it be NOTHING? What about raising monies for the much needed skingraft?

Where is that extra, extra? After 21 years, Could he be mentally-ill? Would you accept that? Would you think yall deserved it? What happen the last time?

How many times have you seen children, and all it takes is one, burn their houses down - too often? Whether unintentionally or intentionally, your child pulled off a stunt like that, jeopardizing, their parents life? Except this time, you narrowly escaped, but not without serious injuries?

Most often it’s one or the other parent, but every once and a while, it’s both?

"This incident" is narrowed down to just three people and two of yall got it. What would be the result of your investigation? Would it be a "hate crime"?

What would you discuss at the dinner table? What happens when somebody tells a "joke"? Who would be the wiser?

If you gon forgive him, why you can't forgive them terrorists? Do to people what you don't mind them doing to you.

Had they taught that lesson early on, probably never would have happen. I told you, life is no a joke. Forgiven but not forgotten. It just may come back to you. Victims of abuse at the hands of their own children.

I love you too. News that can get you somewhere?

(((your inner

First date: A man was stabbed to death, 97 times and the woman with whom he was with, stabbed 57. She survived, I think. What was happening there?

Do you reckon they planned it? Were they careless? Did they do something wrong/deserving?

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